Growth Opportunities at Futuristic Technologies
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Current Opening
FTPL offers exciting career paths for both IT and business professionals. A wide variety of projects in a range of industries provide our individuals with the proper challenges to grow professionally.

FTPL offers a competitive compensation structure in line with the current market, which is under constant review. FTPL is also favorably inclined towards high performers and rewards those who excel in their work with an annual performance award. Long service awards are also given in recognition to dedicated employees.

FTPL and you

Do you have it in you to be part of the FTPL family? To be technically and technologically adept? To be creative and analytical? Do you have a passion for excellence? Three times yes is what we expect.

What's the indicative profile of a typical FTPL-ians? We look for the following attributes in individuals when we recruit:

  Domain knowledge
  Knowledge of IT
  Reasoning ability
  Analytical ability
  Communication skills
  Emotional maturity
  People sensitivity
  Situation sensitivity
  Drive and determination
  Willingness to trot the globe at short notice
  Zeal for excellence

Various initiatives have been taken this year to further improve the quality of life at FTPL.
"The role of HR is to provide the context for energizing and developing people to play effective roles in ensuring that FTPL becomes one of the top global consulting firms. Towards achieving this we will identify, develop, facilitate, and measure the human and technological processes in the pursuit of excellence. We will foster the values of the FTPL group".

HR Mission Statement
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