The Enterprise Financials

No organization worthy of Peter Drucker would want to waste precious resources. Keeping a real time control over the flow of financial information is every CFO’s priority. Paradoxically however, this required considerable investment of resources in designing and implementing an enterprise resource planning system to control the deployment of resources. For small and medium enterprises in particular, it was a choice between the devil and the deep sea.
    Thankfully, that is no longer the case. Continuous endeavours at Futuristic to enhance the competitive advantage of businesses through technology, have resulted in an innovative set of products that provide the benefits of enterprise integration at an affordable cost.
    Enterprise Financials from Futuristic Technologies, is a suite of five independent applications that integrate the flow of financial information across an enterprise. These include applications for :
Enterprise Financials
Even if an organization implements only some of these modules, the benefits will be felt across enterprise due to the inherent ruggedness of its architecture, that has been based on industry best practices.

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