Software Development  
Futuristic Technologies focuses on defining, optimizing & aligning the client’s business strategy with IT initiatives. We believe that business and technology work hand in hand. A precise understanding of this synergy motivates every application of technology, enabling us to deliver technology solutions that give our client’s a competitive advantage.

Our experience on a wide range of technologies, packages and tools, help us to select the most appropriate solutions for a specific customer requirement. At the same time, it also allows us to be flexible to mould our solutions offering to exactly match the customer’s existing systems, if any.

Depending on the specific client requirement, some of the most common solutions being offer by FTPL today are based on n-Tier architecture, deploying Microsoft .NET platform. This ensures increased performances, flexibility, maintainability, reusability & scalability, while hiding the complexity of distributed processing from the user

We provide software services that are delivered on time, within budget, and that exceed their quality goals with a total customer-centric approach. We bring strong technical expertise to ensure that software projects accomplish their software and business goals.

Our custom solutions and applications:
  • Developing novel applications
  • Enhancing an existing application to operate in the same computing environment as well as adding additional business requirements.
  • Redeveloping an existing application taking advantage of features offered by the underlying technology.
  • Cosourcing Arrangements

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